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Bobbi Johnson | 03/27/15

Bleaching is effective in lightening most stains caused by age, tobacco, coffee and tea.

Dawn Allen | 03/27/15

Most teeth can be saved with a root canal procedure.

Catherine Tafaro | 03/27/15

Most dental insurance plans will cover the cost of dental braces.

Fred Hirsch | 03/25/15

People with diabetes may have more toothaches than people who don't.

Diane Mothersell | 03/23/15

An oral surgeon is the one who can take care of TMJ issues for you. Be sure to brush and floss carefully and monitor your gums and mouth for any sores or abrasions.

Christine Coakley | 03/23/15

Baby teeth are formed even before your child is born.

David Jacobson | 03/22/15

The dentist usually starts the process by injecting a local anesthetic.

Christine Forde | 03/21/15

Do not start a home teeth whitening treatment without going to the dentist first to have an exam done. The most common symptom of sensory nerve damage during dental treatment is prolonged for weeks, months or more after the accident.

Chantelle Hataway | 03/19/15

Take the dried bay leaves and dried orange peels and grind them into a powder to use as toothpaste.

Amber Markham | 03/17/15

Years ago dentists didn't save teeth, they just pulled the rotten ones.

Jane Smith | 03/16/15

If cavities are not taken care of early, it can cause periodontal disease later.

Ed Norman | 03/15/15

The prices vary but an average fee for most cases extends to several thousand dollars. You may wonder how sheer plastic can move teeth.

Becky Kempf | 03/14/15

Buy a new toothbrush every three months and let your children pick one out for them too.

Aaron Marasco | 03/14/15

Your dental health and overall health are one in the same.

Cathy Mcfarland | 03/14/15

Taking care of dentures is just as important to your health as brushing real teeth.

Carol Lachapelle | 03/14/15

When you are considering whitening your teeth, keep in mind that whitening will only work on the teeth you originally had. If you see redness or puffiness in your gums, these could be signs you have gingivitis.

Christina Blaney | 03/12/15

Your dentist will usually Xray to ensure proper implant placement. If you have been in an auto accident and broke your jaw, you will need to see a surgeon who can fix it.

Jacqueline Hydorn | 03/10/15

If you want a celebrity smile, you may need to have your teeth whitened.

April Janiszewski | 03/09/15

Teeth may also disappear because of aging, injury, excessive fluoride, and a number of diseases and drugs. Also highlight the importance of a good oral hygiene and regular dental visits for a checkup.

Debra James | 03/08/15

Very high levels of prostaglandins are found in women with severe cases of periodontitis.

Danielle Rightman | 03/08/15

When wisdom teeth are trying to erupt, the gum swells and bacteria can form.

Catherine Buckley | 03/06/15

The brackets are mounted behind the teeth, making it impossible for anyone to detect them even at close range. When fitting someone with dental veneers, a cosmetic dentist has to take into account your bite as well as your tooth alignment.

David Jones | 03/05/15

Avoid mouthwashes with dyes and alcohol. Braces are not just for teeth straightening, they're to fix your bite as well.

Christine Koehler | 03/04/15

There are some mouth washes on the market that claim to help prevent gingivitis.

Beth Cleary | 03/03/15

Permanent seals or crowns are placed where the infected roots have been cleaned.

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Dentist New York