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Brian Monahan | 10/23/14

If you indulge in drinking soda, eating sweet foods, and you have bad habits like smoking, you need to be sure you don't miss any dental appointments.

Casey Mcmann | 10/21/14

Mouthwash not only kills plaque and Gingivitis, but it also kills most of the germs in your mouth, while lowering the risks of developing an oral disease. There are some mouth washes on the market that claim to help prevent gingivitis.

James Macksood | 10/19/14

Generally a root canal is something that is only necessary one time per tooth.

Camie Johnson | 10/17/14

If your gums recede, you could end up with bone loss that leads to losing the tooth.

Christine Veranth | 10/15/14

Very high levels of prostaglandins are found in women with severe cases of periodontitis.

Cathy Modlin | 10/14/14

The fresh feeling of the minty toothpaste will dissuade you from introducing new flavors anytime soon after you have brushed, further curbing your caloric intake.

Jane Richards | 10/13/14

In addition, the teeth and gums have been linked to heart disease. Be sure to get proteins, carbohydrates and fats in your diet every day for good dental health.

Helen Jones | 10/12/14

An endodontist is not the dental professional who will fill a cavity for you. Nearly half of all Americans do not have dental insurance and as a result, many of them do not receive adequate dental care.

Anne Filazzola | 10/12/14

The entire process and appraisal usually takes six to eight months.

Darrell Warren | 10/11/14

Most people do not have room for wisdom teeth, which is why they need to be extracted.

James Jurek | 10/10/14

At the very least, try to wash out your mouth after every meal. Also highlight the importance of a good oral hygiene and regular dental visits for a checkup.

David Mcfarland | 10/10/14

It is known that the teeth and gums contribute to the great look and a healthy body.

Hazel Loosier | 10/08/14

Dentistry is a medical specialty in itself and includes various branches of specialization.

Amee Smith | 10/08/14

Overall eye teeth tend to be darker than the others, front teeth are usually whitest, and molars tend to shade in between.

Angie Levitt | 10/08/14

Carrots make great teething helpers for babies.

Amy Mullinix | 10/07/14

The TMJ is the hinge joint that connects your lower jaw to the bone in your scull called the temporal bone. Cigarettes contain chemicals that can stain teeth when smoked.

Donna Malone | 10/05/14

Most dental treatments are painless these days and can sometimes even be quite relaxing.

Erica Mills | 10/04/14

If cavities are not taken care of early, it can cause periodontal disease later.

Darnell Angulo | 10/04/14

Gum disease is a gradual process that starts with the build up of plaque on teeth.

Christine Mccormack | 10/04/14

Research shows that bleaching is completely effective in more than seventy eight percent of the people.

Gary Klass | 10/04/14

Remember to use your own toothbrush to clean your teeth and natural gums.

Donna Maxwell | 10/03/14

Bad infections can be caused by plaque forming on your teeth. Once the dental professional numbs the area with local anesthetic, he can proceed without pain to the patient.

Carol Jorgensen | 10/01/14

Digital Xrays are used in our dental office, ensuring comfort and to reduce radiation exposure.

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