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Don Bolte | 04/27/15

This means that you may need a bridge or an implant, which is likely to be more expensive than a root canal.

Jacquelyn Lalik | 04/26/15

An emission of mercury in silver fillings is so small that it is much less than what patients are exposed to in food, air and water.

Janet Lampey | 04/24/15

If you have diabetes, be sure your dentist has that information.

Emma Bischoff | 04/22/15

You may not know that sugar cane juice is actually good for your teeth.

Catherine Smith | 04/21/15

Because studies have shown that the presence of periodontal disease, most often in people with tooth loss, actually affects longevity.

Cyd Dolegowski | 04/19/15

A technique can be used with bone grafting is called guided tissue regeneration, by inserting a small piece of mesh as tissue between the bone and gums.

Jami Gibson | 04/19/15

While dentures will take some time to get used to, they will probably never feel exactly the same as your natural teeth.

Christin Muldoon | 04/17/15

It is important for children's teeth to be healthy, because their development sets the conditions for permanent teeth.

Heidi Knesper | 04/15/15

If you have continual toothaches, you may have a lack of specific nutrients in your body.

Gail Miller | 04/14/15

People who drink a lot of coffee tend to have yellowed teeth that need to be whitened.

Janet Kenworthy | 04/13/15

If you don't take care of an abscessed tooth, the infection can spread to your neck and face.

Janet Knudsen | 04/12/15

Aging is a factor for bleeding gums.

David Mcaninch | 04/12/15

People with diabetes may have more toothaches than people who don't.

James Macksood | 04/11/15

Carrots make great teething helpers for babies. Discover how a healthy smile can improve your lifestyle.

Amy Neiman | 04/11/15

Sugar cane juice can help build your immune system, but chewing on the actual sugar cane can cause tooth decay. The metal root we install is what will hold the new tooth that will replace the missing one.

Danielle Barker | 04/10/15

Baby teeth are replaced by adult teeth when children are very young. Your dentist could help you if it is your bite that is causing tinnitus issues for you.

Diane Mothersell | 04/09/15

Remodeling of the mouth, including teeth, bite, muscles and self esteem, to natural conditions will give you a feeling of youth. A dental hygienist will scrape the tartar off your teeth with a special tool.

Cathy Mcfarland | 04/08/15

An effective way to get rid of teeth discoloration and make your smile whiter and brighter is to consider getting veneers.

Chuck Mawhinney | 04/08/15

Bleaching is effective in lightening most stains caused by age, tobacco, coffee and tea.

Catherine Vollmer | 04/06/15

Periodontitis is a major cause of tooth loss, especially in adults over 65 years. Positioning the ceramic dental veneers so as to suit the shape and appearance of the patient's teeth might require a few visits to the dentist.

Frederick Morser | 04/04/15

Taking care of dentures is just as important to your health as brushing real teeth. If you need to do any major dental work in the near future you should hold off on working on whitening your teeth until after the work is completed.

Debra Lee | 04/02/15

If you have severe staining on your teeth or periodontal disease, use an ultrasonic cleaning treatment.

Danielle Poole | 03/31/15

When plaque attaches to your teeth it can only be removed by a dental professional.

Isabelle Freidheim | 03/31/15

Gingivitis is a form of gum disease that causes irritation and swelling of your gums.

Catherine Jarratt | 03/31/15

Depending on the severity of the misalignment of the teeth, some patients may have their teeth straightened sooner than others.

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