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Crystal Hamel | 07/20/14

The custom made veneer material is permanently bonded to your teeth giving you a brighter smile. A root canal is necessary when you have a fluid filled blister on your gum.

James Kissinger | 07/20/14

Endodontics is root canal therapy and study of dental pulp disease. You can have root form implants put in.

Emma Richards | 07/19/14

There are many different solutions to gaps in your smile these days.

Christine Daddio | 07/18/14

Implant surgery is common nowadays.

Ann Frierson | 07/18/14

To keep your teeth healthy, substitute your old unhealthy favorites with healthy alternatives. Once you have decided that the best solution is for dental veneers, go to the dentist for a consultation.

Cindy Mccall | 07/17/14

The prices vary but an average fee for most cases extends to several thousand dollars. If allowed to progress, gingivitis may develop into periodontitis, the invasion and destruction of underlying bone that anchors the teeth in place.

Crystal Edwards | 07/15/14

Although the work is performed under general anesthesia, it is difficult to control post operative pain and inflammation when it occurs. If you have removable dentures, check with your dentist for the proper care of them.

Christina Goodmanson | 07/14/14

Bleaching is effective in lightening most stains caused by age, tobacco, coffee and tea.

Catherine Nelson | 07/13/14

Chewing with a toothache can make the problem worse.

Amy Dallaire | 07/13/14

If your gums bleed easily when you brush, you probably have a gum disease.

Catherine Shulna | 07/13/14

Once the veneers are ready, the patient is asked to get back to the dentist.

Christine Jones | 07/13/14

Research has shown that the antioxidant catechin in green tea helps promote good periodontal health.

Helen Kirkpatrick | 07/12/14

Right or wrong, it's hard to make it in America without straight teeth. Dental bridges can be used to cover a dental implant.

Beth Williamson | 07/10/14

Refined sugars, which is found in many processed foods, are detrimental to your health and especially your teeth.

Crystal Fowler | 07/09/14

The combination of smoking and alcohol is estimated to be the most probable cause of approximately 75 percent of oral cancers diagnosed in this country.

Amy Hamilton | 07/07/14

Dental braces work to fix your teeth by applying pressure and moving them into position gradually over time.

Jamie Lane | 07/05/14

In order to be in control of your dental health, you must first be more aware of the fact that you need to rinse with water after eating any food.

Beth Albrecht | 07/03/14

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, more than 90 percent of all diseases have systemic symptoms of oral health.

Donna Lewis | 07/02/14

Dental veneers are good alternatives for teeth that have lost color or shape or have become crooked.

Catherine Debonis | 06/30/14

Make it a point to have good dental habits, and also try to eat a balanced diet, avoiding sweets.

Christine Cintas | 06/28/14

If you are a candidate of dental sedation, then someone will take you to and from home before and after the appointment.

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